Katherine Pinner

Champions Mums, puns and saggy bums


That’s me up there; clearly thrilled I can hold a bunch of flowers whilst leaning on a juice bar.    A multitasker.

A word nerd. An Optimist. A do-er, creator and communicator.

Bringing brands to life since 1985*

*when my mother declared I could “talk for England.” Aged 2.5.


Once upon a time

Ha, kidding! Who has time?

That’s exactly where I come in, friend.

I believe that our businesses should be as alive as those who work in them.

With a logistical head, creative heart and thirst for great content I help you tell your brand story through website copywriting, live events, social media and content production.

And so you know your brand is in safe hands, let me introduce myself.

Katherine meet the world. World, meet Katherine…

Brand communicator

Katherine likes to talk communicate. And create. And get serious with a spread sheet, which make her the perfectly organised storyteller that big and small brands love*.

She gets under the skin of your business, researches your customers, explores how people buy and obsesses over return on investment – advising on the best ways to get your brand heard.

Katherine is the go-to girl when it comes to giving your brand a heartbeat and her unparalleled 360 communications experience includes:

Live event organization and management

Creative content production

Website copy / about pages / blogs

Social media strategy and creativity

PR, marketing, sponsorship

* True story. Having worked in-house for global giants such as L’Oréal, ITV, Audi and Sydney.com, and producing film premieres for Disney, Universal, 20thCentury Fox and Sony, you might say her brand portfolio is pretty impressive.  Check out her CV here.

She just gets it. And loves it. And talks about it a lot. Handy, really.



Katherine works with a handful of brands on writing website copy, developing communication strategies and organising events.

She’s picky about who she works with, not because she likes turning work away but because she loves a happy and creative working environment.

Her clients appreciate the hard work she puts in to every detail, whilst also understanding she’s a real person who has a real life, and a family too.

She realises this philosophy isn’t for everyone, but it works for her.

To check her current availability click here.

Passionate speaker

A compelling communicator relaying messages with conviction and charisma, Katherine uses an interactive speaking style, where passion, creativity and detail collide. Her signature shimmy light-hearted style ensures her events are highly entertaining, empowering, and engaging.

Katherine has spoken for brands including Audi, Visit New South Wales, Art In Tanzania and BNFL; she was the main presenter for Talent Storm at Acer Arena (Australia); and she has also spoken at industry events including iStrategy and Australian Business Week.

Kind words

“Katherine’s ability to understand a brand and develop creative concepts is second to none”

Emma Harvey. Director of publicity. Freemantle LA


“Katherine takes to new challenges with enthusiasm and a ‘can-do’ attitude that is infectious, coupled with a drive to achieve and deliver results”

Kirsty Dale. Executive Fashion and Beauty Director. Elle Magazine, UK.


“Katherine’s attention to detail, creativity, enthusiasm and energy are truly impressive”

Denise Belingy. Head of Press. Objective Media Group, UK.


“When it comes to meticulously organising events, she is more German than a German!”

Tom Kristenson. Nine times ‘24 hours of LeMans’ winner


Brands I’ve worked with